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Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance v. Trumpland

Lady Gaga performed at halftime of Super Bowl LI last night in a performance that some hailed as a missed opportunity—while others point out the political fervor thrumming beneath the surface.

Compared to Beyone’s 2016 halftime performance (perhaps the most radical of her career) that paid homage to the black panthers, Malcolm X, and spoke directly to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Lady Gaga’s moment on the world’s largest stage was more subtle. Can “subtle” apply to Lady Gaga?

Dennis Trainor Jr examines the performance + gives us run down of today’s top stories in Trumplandia, including:

- Trump's immigration ban facing a new legal hurdle.
- Trump may not “make America great again”—but he just might make SNL great again.
- Trump angered to learn that he does not actually know the details of the Executive Orders Steve Bannon is having him sign.