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Steve Bannon is Working Towards All Out Religious War

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The Intercept’s Murtaza Hussain joins Dennis Trainor Jr to discuss his recent article AS TENSIONS RISE, STEVE BANNON AND ISIS GET CLOSER TO THEIR COMMON GOAL: CIVILIZATIONAL WAR.

Hussain outlines Steve Bannon’s history of espousing apocalyptic theories of history and theorizes on the recent travel ban:

“The order was based on plainly dubious claims about national security, targeting for scrutiny some of the most heavily vetted visitors to the United States. But the tangible purpose it did serve, before being at least temporarily frozen by the courts, was to divide Americans from millions of people in the Muslim world by sending the latter a message of gratuitous insult and contempt — and emboldening the very extremist movements the order was ostensibly directed against.”

When a terror attack does come, how will the Trump administration treat the media, the courts, activists, or anyone who gets in the way of the nationalism that will metastasize beyond the early stage cancer currently attacking our country?